God loves you & so do we!
Come as you are.

Visiting a new church can be uncomfortable. We have all  been there! As far as churches go, we at GHMC are pretty low key. You will no doubt be greated by our friendly GHMC family, but we won't put you on the spot (so don't sweat it). 

  • We offer Kid's church on Sunday Mornings & Wednesday nights.
  • Teens stay in the main service on Sundays, but meet seperately on Wendesday nights.
  • We have plenty of parking spaces available.
  • Come as you are. We are more interested in your heart than the clothes you are wearing.
  • We do not currently have a nursary, but we welcome you and your little ones in our main service.
  • The best way to connect is to just come and meet us. If you have questions or concerns we are happy to assist. You can call or text 812-339-4462

We hope to see you soon :)